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About Summer Camp

In the coming generation, entrepreneurs will increasingly differentiate themselves not necessarily by creating a new thing or product, but by connecting intimately with their customers or audience, making people feel like the product or service is designed precisely with them in mind. Designers are experts in this work, making design thinking an essential tool for the coming generation of entrepreneurs.

Design is an iterative, empathetic process of problem solving. Designers work to make the world a better place: to make it more fulfilling, more empowering, and sometimes, more fun. During this two week immersive camp, youll learn the process of design. Youll learn how to make things that have real value.

Week One:

Youll spend the first week at Austins center of gravity for entrepreneurs, Capital Factory. Your team will attack a real-world problem from all sides, learn to research for empathy, and learn how to synthesize that research into a series of ideas. Youll work with your team on ideation and sketching, honing and re-formulating your idea until youre ready to make something great.

Week Two:

Youll spend the second week at Austin Center for Designs maker space, getting your hands dirty and bringing your product to life.

Over the course of the week, youll produce three iterations of your design, testing and re-testing your work until you end up with a final product that is both meaningful and relevant to your chosen market. Youll also end the two-weeks with a portfolio piece showing the product youve built and the process youve mastered to get there.

Session 1: 6/20 - 7/2
Session 2: 7/11 - 7/23 | Each session is $2000.

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