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The five best foods to give after a soccer class

When your little one starts displaying signs of amazing soccer potential, it is time to create for them the right environment to thrive. Platforms like Austin based Go2Activity can help you find the right places where your child can get the optimum exposure, practice and the best soccer coaching right from an early age. Once your child starts taking the sport seriously, it would become all the more important to focus on their diet.

Just like every other sport, soccer demands a lot of energy and stamina. The key to maintaining both lies in fueling the body appropriately at all times. The initial two hours just after soccer practice form the crucial window where the right balance of nutrients must be supplied to their system. Here is a list of five best foods that you can encourage your child to eat after a soccer session.

  • Eggs

Eggs provide the necessary proteins, iron and minerals that help strengthen the body just after a rigorous soccer session. A young athlete needs these nutrients for feeling healthy and energized for hours. Besides, eggs can be prepared in so many different ways that you can customize them as per the liking of your kid.

  • Nuts

Easy to munch on and delicious, an assortment of nuts satiates the stomach while eliminating any cravings for unhealthy junk food. You can serve them raw or toasted and even add a dash of salt and pepper so the kids would like them readily. Cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios and the like are loaded with several B group vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

  • Whole grain granola bars

It is natural to feel extremely hungry after a sports class and whole grain granola bars help provide that much needed jolt of energy, taste and nutrition, all packed in one, easy to carry snack. You can try multiple flavors too for keeping it interesting. Also, if your child is craving for sugared candy or too many chocolates, these bars would be a much wiser alternative.

  • Mixed fruit slices

Serve them a colorful platter of sliced bananas, apples, oranges or a mix of multiple fruits. This is an amazing way to satiate hunger and sweet cravings while also replenishing the water lost through perspiration during the class. Fruits are excellent sources of a range of necessary vitamins and fiber and if the kids are encouraged to develop a taste for all fruits, it tends to stick with them for a long time. To make the fruit serving more interesting, you can also include a spoonful of peanut butter for instant energy.

  • Chocolate milk

Most kids do not enjoy plain milk and adding a chocolate flavor to the same can help in changing things. Milk and other dairy products like yogurt and cheese are rich in calcium, needed for healthy teeth and bones. Consuming them right after a prolonged period of physical exercise aids in their faster and better absorption into the system.

The right diet plays a crucial role in how the young soccer player would perform. A healthy body, fueled with the right nutrition is key to keeping them motivated and physically able to enjoy the sport.



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