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Most enjoyable Halloween activities for kids

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Halloween is one time when kids as well as adults get to dress up, socialize, eat and bring out their creative side in multiple ways. There can be party games, easy recipes to cook, go on a scavenger hunt or play dress up with peers when it comes to some of the best Halloween activities for kids. A little bit of planning can go a long way in ensuring that the kids have a lot of fun, learn in the process and stay safe, making the holiday a truly memorable one.

Go2Activity is one of the easiest sources to enjoy an access to a world of learning and fun for children in Austin. The platform connects you to the right places for exploring extra curricular activities all year long. In order to get a clearer idea on what your kid should be occupied with on October 31, check out this list of the best Halloween activities for kids. 

  • Traditional Halloween activities
  1. Halloween themed story time
    Before they go trick or treating, kids should be made familiar with how and why these traditions started. A good way to do so is through an interesting storytelling session that includes a mix of fiction, fact and just the right amount of spooky details to make it more thrilling.

    2. Pumpkin carving
    The Jack O’Lantern is one of the key Halloween elements. Kids can be encouraged to take part in creating the same using simple and easy techniques.

  • Cooking special Halloween treats

    Cookie ghosts
    There are tons of ways in which a regular cookie recipe can be transformed into something more sinister, apt for the holiday. For really young kids, readymade cookies can be bought and they can have fun with the icing, turning those cookies into edible ghosts and monsters.

  1. Pumpkin cupcakes
    An easy way out for kids is to get them mini buns and provide all the supplies that they need to turn those buns into little pumpkins that are ideal for dessert.
  • Halloween crafts for kids

    Halloween invitation cards
    This is perfect if you are hosting a Halloween party at your place. Instead of inviting guests the usual way, you can help your child make the invitations by hand. They can use all the spooky ideas that they can think of create these cards for their friends and relatives.

    2. Bat arm bands
    These can be easily created using empty toilet paper rolls. Make sure that the kids can slip their hands through the roll and wear it as a band. Some black paint, googly eyes, marker pens, glue and bat wing cut outs are all the things that you will need to make these cool arm bands.

  • Halloween décor activities
  1. A mummy door
    Simply help the kid wrap your entrance with lots of toilet paper to create the look of bandages. Use marker pens to add details that make it more realistic.

    2. Spider webs
    Use a lot of white glue to create fake spider webs on a plastic surface. Once dry, they can be easily peeled off the surface. You can place them on walls or hang them at your entrance for maximum effect.

  • Party activities for Halloween
    Murder mystery games, word searches, apple bobbing, Spooky Tea etc are a few very interesting party games that kids can play on Halloween.

Make your kids Halloween ready by keeping lots of fun ideas planned. You can explore Go2Activity to make things easier and more enjoyable for the kids.





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