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Join our Spring Music camp for improving your child’s self-confidence

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There have been several studies to prove that music can be a very good tool to boost a child’s self confidence and learning abilities. As a matter of fact, focused music lessons for kids tend to be an important tool for a child’s overall development. So, if your child expresses an interest in music at any age, you should encourage them by enrolling them for professional classes or a dedicated event like the Spring Music Camp at Go2Activity. You can also find a multitude of other co-curricular activities for your kid on this platform that is based in Austin.

  • What to expect at a good Spring Music Camp?
    • Interesting lesson plans suited to different age groups
    • Timings dedicated to different kinds of music like vocals and instrumentals
    • Group activities to boost learning
    • Interactive sessions and focus on the development of rhythm and co-ordination among children
  • Two major ways in which a music camp would help your child in the long run

Music in any form boosts a child’s personality in two major ways:

  1. Music Helps Develop Discipline and Independence

As the child begins to learn an instrument or gets familiar with rhythm in their voice, their self confidence begins to grow in a way that it lasts for a very long time. It is all because of their feeling of having accomplished something.

  1. Music Can Improve Social Skills and Team Building

Music classes encourage a constant interaction among the students. At the early stages of growth and development, this is a vital social skill that the child needs to learn.

  • Why you should wait until your child has basic music competence

Before choosing a particular level of learning music, the child needs to be familiar with the basics of music and the instrument that he or she is willing to play. That is why a music camp is a better start so that the foundation for better learning can be laid.

  • 3 things to remember before enrolling them at full time classes
  1. Make sure your child has 30 minutes of solid focus

Focus is the key to good learning in general. A lack of focus would lead to disinterest and eventually, make learning really difficult for a child of any age.

  1. Wait until your child has great eye-hand coordination and excellent fine motor skills

A very young toddler cannot possibly hold an instrument properly, let alone learn it at all. That is why you should let them grow to an age where they have good motor skills and eye-hand co-ordination.

  1. Wait until the child ASKS for lessons

If a child is not interested in music, it does not make sense to force them into it. Enroll them at the music camp to see how much they like the lessons and if they ask for further classes to continue learning, that is when you should take it further.

  • Motor Skills as Early Predictor of Math Skills

Learning an instrument helps a child improve their motor skills in general. Studies have shown that this has a positive impact on their general brain function.  As a result, other areas of their learning and life get affected too, in a very positive way.

The official webiste of Go2Activity can introduce you to multiple options through which you can keep your child engaged in learning new things.

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