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Life lessons of a summer camp

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Spending time in a summer camp can sprout a lot of adventures and knowledge. While it can be fun to hang out with a lot new people, what children can gain from it adds utmost values to their lives. Learning life lessons is also a part of camps such as this, where your kids learn more about themselves and what they can aspire to be.

Nobody can teach a child about life unless they can understand, face and explore the same from their own experience. Summer camp is a place where they get a chance to experience all of that and more. Youth development experts agree that children need a variety of experiences in their lives to help them grow into healthy adolescents and adults.

Gain self-belief

Self-belief or self-confidence is the way that you feel about your skills, abilities, looks and behaviours. Being together with a lot of kids of their own age will help in reducing kids shyness and helps them to reach out. It will instil confidence in children to be more outgoing in their ways. They gain the confidence to talk and express themselves more freely. Just being relaxed is a good way for that and the summer camps provide such an environment which would help them to gain self-belief.

Learn to empathize

Emotional stability and understanding of feelings is part of life while growing up as a child. Meeting new people and talking to them helps develop conversational skills and empathize with them. The people one meets further down the life may not be with the same background. It is important to understand the feelings of the other person through talking. As a kid it’ll teach them various perspectives on how to face challenges in the future.

Build relationships

Summer camps provide a huge opportunity to meet new people and build new relationships. It’ll give the children to make new friendsand build meaningful relations that can last for a lifetime. There are various group activities conducted during such camps that will help in making new bonds. Not everything be done alone. You need a team to work out the difficult tasks which would also come in handy for the future. In business, you also need to network and form alliances, because you never know when you may get lost in the woods.

Adapt new skills

As a child life is full of unexpected twists and turns. No matter how ready they are there will come a time where they face a difficult challenge. At camp, and in life, there are always going to be problems that you can’t ignore and how a child deals with those problems is the only thing that matters.

Camp life will them to adapt to new conditions and face challenges by tackling them one by one. The various competitions, tasks, chores and other activities they do during their camping will give them confidence. It would make them think of approaching an issue from various angles and rethink their options. This skill will expand their creativity and find newer ways to tackle issues – in short adapt to any situations thrown at them in the future.

Learn the 4C’s of life

A group activity like a summer camp is a good opportunity to learn a lot of things. The 4C’s of life are Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Innovation and Critical thinking. If your children can master these they can pretty much tackle any crisis or situations in life with lots of confidence.

  • Communication

Being able to reach out to people and communicate with them is an important people skill everybody need to learn. As far as the kids are concerned, camp life will provide the best chance to meet and talk to a lot of people of different age group and from all walks of life. The interaction will help them develop communicational skills, instil confidence and develop a charming and good personality.

  • Collaboration

There is something about all summer camps that really makes your child learn the importance of collaborating with others. Thrown together with a group of people they have never met before and having to figure out how to work together will make them learn fast. No matter the situation one will learn to work together and they will come together to form a very strong team. Children will get a chance to learn to recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so they can help someone out when they’re struggling and vice versa.

  • Creativity & Innovation

A well guided and planned camp for kids always surprise them with challenges and situations where they have to adapt and innovate various tasks at hand. Not all challenges can be approached with a text book solution. Such tasks make the kids to be creative in finding the solutions. Such camps enable them to use their potential and be inventive to create a solution which solves the puzzle in a new and improved way. The ability gained through this exercise will enable them to think out of the box and helps in brain development by expanding their thinking and analytical capacities.

  • Critical thinking

Whether your child is just starting summer vacation or in the midst of the school year, parents can help keep minds active in fun ways. Critical thinking skills don’t fully develop until adolescence, but the foundations for good thinking develop in younger children. Summer camps provide them with an opportunity to discuss themselves and analyse their actions in a group under guidance. This particular activity will let them gain analytical skills and a chance to improve themselves.

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