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Quick Art and Craft Ideas for Kids of all Ages

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Art and craft is a crucial part of kids’ learning. A platform like Go2Activity is an encouraging source of ideas through which you can keep your children more engaged with creative activities that spark their interest, keep them productive and lead to interesting and useful creations. Here are a bunch of ideas to inspire you.

  1. Best out of waste easy crafts for kids
    Recycling as a concept as well as as a habit should be inculcated in children as early as possible. Turning unused paper rolls, cardboard boxes, egg cartons or any random recyclable objects into works of art is an amazing step towards a healthier environment.
  2. Bead craft activities for kids
    Teach your kids to make handmade jewelry and accessories using beads of all color and variety.
  3. Paper craft projects for kids
    Origami or fold and glue projects keep kids engaged and focused.
    Encourage them to make their own bookmarks using readily available materials.
  5. Handprints
    Let them experiment with the designs they can create using only their hands and non-toxic paints.
  6. Marbling art activities for kids
    Marbling is done using water and non soluble inks or paints. It is easy and gives wonderful effects.
  7. Mask arts and crafts for kids
    Masks are fun to play with but more enjoyable when they make it themselves.
  1. Photo art projects for kids
    Help the kids create photo frames, collages and scrapbooks for a beautiful storehouse of memories.
  2. Decor art and craft ideas for kids
    Nothing could be more exciting than DIY crafts that kids can use to decorate their rooms.
  3. Garden crafts
    DIY planters, decorative garden charms and nature inspired art works would bring the children to admire nature more.
  4. Wool art ideas for kids

Pieces of wool can be used to make many collages and can also be used to decorate paper crafts. They can even braid the yarn into jewelry or decoration.

  1. Papier mache kids craft ideas
    These can be done using water and old sheets of newspaper with lots of glue.
  2. Gift boxes
    Help them create little boxes that can come handy when sharing presents. These could be made using craft paper.
  3. Organizing crafts for kids to do at home
    Desktop organizer, wardrobe organizer and several other ideas can help bring their little worlds more in order.
  4. Rock painting kids arts and crafts
    Big and small rocks can be easily converted into pieces of art with creativity and some paints.
  5. Stamping and printing art crafts for kids
    Help them make attractive stamps using day-to-day objects like pins and stationery.
  6. Crafts with popsicle sticks
    Cleaned posicle sticks can be used to make sculptures, coasters and a lot more.
  7. Eggshell crafts for kids to make
    Paint or dye the eggshells and use them for a variety of decor projects.
  8. Crayon melting fun art projects for kids
    Quick and easy, crayon melting helps achieve abstract yet attractive effects on paper.
  9. Glass jar kids art ideas
    Used glass jars can be repurposed with a little creativity. Kids can make lamps and storage with these jars in no time.

Artistic inspiration can be taken from anywhere around. A platform like Go2Activity can also serve as a good way to get started with conceptualizing, discussing and then, finally working on the projects. All you have to do is get the kids talking about the kind of crafts they would want to do.

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