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10 Benefits of Toddlers and Children Dance Classes

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We all do it at some point in time. We feel the rhythm, hear the music and before we know it, we are dancing. We may not have the finesse of the ballroom dancer, or the speed of a cloggier or the grace of the ballerina, but when you are up and dancing it doesn’t really matter.

Children who dance have increased self-esteem, coordination, balance and poise. Dancing cannot only be fun, but educational. Whether you enroll your child in a dance school or a program through the local community center, as long as they are exposed to the feel and the beat, they will have fun.

The most fascinating thing about children is the way they are always brimming with exceptional amounts of energy. They laugh, jump, play and be their mischievous selves for hours at a stretch, without even remembering to take their meals on time! However, there are also those kids who would refuse to get up and get moving. In both cases, the best thing to do is to direct any energy that they have in a productive direction, dance being one example.

Dancing is fun, universal and versatile. And kids love any activity that is a combination of all of that. With trained professionals teaching great moves to your little ones as they move around with the beats, a dance class will channelize the energy of the hyperactive children productively and inspire the lazy ones to be more active. But that is not all that the dance classes have to offer.

  • It is a wonderful way of skill development

Dance classes ensure that every student learns the intricacies of this performing art form. Not only does it help them build a strong skill set but also one that is highly enjoyable and stress-relieving.

  • It helps instill discipline in the young minds

Dance classes can introduce toddlers to a definite classroom environment. They learn how to listen to a teacher, how to behave better and be their best selves during the learning experience.

  • It is an enriching cultural experience

Respect for other cultures can also come through a dance class because the kind of music that is played or the kind of dance that is taught to the kids makes them more open minded and aware of a variety of ideas and concepts at a tender age.

  • There is always something new for every student

Children may start to realize what they enjoy the most and bring in their individuality in their dance over time.

  • The classes help them with their creative expression

Sometimes, creative expression can come to a road block. With the right dance classes and teaching, these blocks can be gotten rid of.

  • Their progress can be tracked
    Needless to say, enrolling a child in a reputed dance class gives you the guarantee that you would get to know how well they have been doing, what is their learning ability and how soon they might be able to attain a certain level of competency.
  • Kids start socializing more
    Dance classes are a great place for kids to start making friends and learn the importance of helping each other.
  • It is a boost to all round health
    Regular dancing is not just great for their physical well being but also their mental and emotional health. It is also a wonderful spiritual experience for some.
  • It is one of the most inclusive activities
    Dancing is for everyone and kids get to meet other kids from so many different backgrounds that they eventually, learn to be better people.
  • It is a great exercise habit that stays with the kids
    While one may get bored with a certain exercise regime after a few years, dancing will continue to be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for them throughout their lives.

Choose your class:

Kids can enrol with service providers listed at go2acitivity at as young as 3 years old and work up from there. For Go2activity, ensuring kids are placed in classes in which they will excel is of upmost importance.

Visit our directory of dance classes for a spot near you – and to get additional information on a class that might be suitable for your child.

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