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Building confidence in children through sport

Children, by nature, are playful and passionate about learning. It is important that parents and teachers understand that a child’s psychology is something that lays the foundation for a future adult mind. Precisely, that is the reason why it is also important to understand ways in which their psychology can be modified to serve as a nurturing element for their overall well being.

When it comes to self confidence, it is defined as a clear understanding of one’s strengths and weakness and have the belief that those strengths can be used to their optimum potential and lead to positive results. While it is an ongoing process in an individual’s life, it is crucial for a child to be self confident right from the start, in a healthy manner.

• Understanding the significance of sport

Sport of any kind is practically an indispensable part for a child’s learning. It assists in their physical growth and co-ordination, directly impacting their health in general. Besides, it is through sports that children begin to understand the very concept and strength of dedicated team work.

• The co-relation between sport and confidence

There are several studies and solid research evidence that has shown an increased amount of healthy self-steam in children and adolescents who indulge in sport from a young age. There seems little doubt in establishing the fact that a good athlete will also be a strong individual throughout his or her lifetime.

Through sports, children begin to experience physical success bit by bit. Ideally, introducing kids to sports between the ages 6 and 11 is a good way to go. These are the obvious developmental years and the time when kids are energetic, aware and learn to understand discipline and the concept of social behaviour. Besides, this is also the age when they can be trained in the best possible ways in different kinds of sports.

Positive early sporting experiences have long been a source of pride and contentment in individuals. That reinstates the benefit of introducing children to sports.

• The idea of winning and healthy competition

Apart from the obvious physical benefits of sport, the very competitiveness that comes along is what acts as an impetus for the children. The very prospect of being rewarded fills them with that sportsman’s thrill that we all are familiar with. In case the child wins multiple times, that further boosts their self confidence. However, this is where adults need to intervene, yet again.

Considering how competition can have both negative and positive effects, kids need to be counselled and prepared for facing all kinds of situations. For instance, constant winning should not make them over confident and mean towards others. Losing should not make them feel overtly disheartened. It all depends on how well they are taught to handle all possibilities that come with the sport that they enjoy playing the most.

All in all, good health, competitiveness, an active lifestyle and fitness culminate together to give the much need dose of self confidence to kids so that they can grow up to be adults who inspire.

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